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Here’s what we’ve been working on

Christian counseling, Lynden, Bellingham, chlidren, evening and weekend hours
Arise Well Counseling Services LLC,Counseling Training, Presentations for school, parenting, assisted living, senior living
Arise Well Counseling Services LLC,The Middle Path, Wise Mind, DBT Skills Group, Individual.
Arise Well Counseling Services LLC,Women group, Teen group, Parent group, Family group, Couples group
Lynden, Bellingham, Using the DBT Skills, phone coaching, Marsha Linehan.
Arise Well Counseling Services LLC,Peer Therapist Support Groups in British Columbia and Bellingham.
Arise Well Counseling Services LLC,Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Therapy EMDR Therapy Group
Arise Well Counseling Services LLC,On site counseling rest home, elder, geriatric, senior
Arise Well Counseling Services LLC,school readiness, middle school support, high school at risk
sand tray, play therapy, child counseling, school age counseling
sand tray, play therapy, child counseling, school age counseling

Our Office and Recent Work

Virtual Tour of our Lynden location

Virtual Tours help us become familiar with new surroundings. This video was created to help those going to the Lynden office. 

Scheduling appointments in Lynden  

Evening and Weekend appointments available.

​An Introduction to Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Skills (DBT)

An introduction to Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Skills (DBT). A local assisted living center asked me to present DBT Skills at their staff meeting. The staff learned 3 DBT skills to increase positive behaviors and improve relationships with the residents.

DBT Skills used: States of Mind, Naming Feelings and Behavior Chain Analysis. 

Free DBT Skills Parenting Group ​online

DBT Skills are used to increase positive behaviors.

Join in this December and January for a DBT Skills parent group 

via telehealth/online. 

(All adults welcome to join) 

DBT Skills: Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotional Regulation, Interpersonal Effectiveness. 

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